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R.V. Diamonds Columbus Discovery Royalty Private Weddings Future Patterns
CapoDiMonteTM Porcelain consists of the highest grade of porcelain available. In the past, bone would ground to powder and then mixed with this grade of porcelain to make it even stronger and to enable the artists to create works of porcelain art that was very fine in detail and very thin. Instead of mixing our porcelain with bone, our porcelain is mixed with pure magnesium, which was not available until recent times.

CapoDiMonteTM dinnerware is made on the isostatic powder press. This type of production originated in Germany and is the premier production method in the world. This process uses isostatic pressure to mold our powdered porcelain material into our desired shape. Each plate comes out to look exactly like all the other plates in the production run. The result is a near as possible to perfect shape and perfectly straight rims. This results in the plates stacking 100% evenly.

CapoDiMonteTM Porcelain is triple fired:
  1. Bisque fired to control the shape at least 1,455° Celsius (2,650° F), then
    Perfectly glazed to achieve the smoothest glaze surface possible.
  2. It goes back into the kiln to seal the glaze.
  3. It returns to the kiln a third time for the fire of the in-glaze colors and the CapoDiOroTM gold.
We proudly boast that our process ultimately renders our dinnerware to be:
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Thinnest possible and yet still very sturdy and reasonably resistant to breaking
Finally, but most importantly, is CapoDiMonte’sTM team of artists. Each of our design artists are required to demonstrate talent above and beyond "good", showing that few and rare exceptional genius of talent whose works are timeless in their beauty. All our artistic creations are proudly signed by the artist.

Each pattern designed by our artists is produced as a limited edition with only 500 sets of the complete dinnerware being produced. The pattern template is then destroyed, never be reproduced again.

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R.V. Diamonds Columbus Discovery Royalty Private Weddings Future Patterns

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